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My fiance is very angry to mandate that oral contraceptives should be paid for by health insurance. I feel it is a woman's right, and it is a medication, in additional to medical uses besides... Read More

  1. by   msn10
    I suppose that the healthcare today was not available when the Constitution was written. But it does state that the gov't is to guard the general welfare of the citizenry
    I don't think we can even refer to the original constitution when assessing the feasbility and constitutionality of healthcare for all. As far as our founding fathers were concerned, only white, male, landowners could vote or had rights. Glad things have changed even if healthcare is a mess.
  2. by   nurseguysfinishfirst
    msn10 needs a history lesson.................or two !
  3. by   msn10
    msn10 needs a history lesson.................or two !
    How so? I said only white male landowners could vote. I don't remember learning that women or slaves (even those owned by the founding fathers) having the right to vote. When the delegates finally agreed to having "the people" elect the lower house, they were referring to a select portion of the population that excluded all white males without property; all females, Native Americans, and indentured servants. Also excluded were slaves—25% of the entire population. Furthermore blacks could basically be killed in the street with minimal retribution. Basing our current culture's desire to "guard the general welfare" is a very different viewpoint that those of the original authors/framers of the constitution.

    I have to laugh when I hear "our founding fathers wanted..." because although there was a great deal of insight and forethought concerning human rights, the realization is that those rights only helped a certain group of people, not 'liberty and justice for all' as we would all like to believe.

    My point being, if you want to have healthcare be a right instead of a privilege, you need to create a new set of laws and not depend on and retrofit the ones from the 1700's.
  4. by   nurseguysfinishfirst
    msn10,If this is what you know about the founding fathers ,their views,and how they formed the republic that you have been lucky enough to grow up in then you make my point for me. If you want to see real oppression ,look at the party that I can see by your views that you follow. Neither You or Barack Obama with his grand plan could be a pimple on the butts of the founding fathers. Healthcare is no more a right than cable TV (Although you probably think that cable is too).
    Did you happen to hear today that Obamacare will cost double the 90 Billion dollar figure that Barry made up when he sold this mess to the public? .....................and we haven't even seen all of it yet ! Where does it stop ? We borrow 40 cents of every dollar that we spend.Please stop stealing from my unborn grandchildren and great grandchildren. If you walked into my house to robb me and mine this way you would learn something new about what "guarding the welfare" means................using one of those other outdated constitutional rights bestowed by the founding fathers.
  5. by   PMFB-RN
    providing for the national defense is specifically mentioned as one of the responsibilities of government in the american constitution while no mention is made of healthcare anywhere.

    *** no need to be condecending by pointing out the obvious. besides who are you arguing with? who made the claim that health care is mentioned in the constiution?

    i am always amazed at how the "compassionate" party is always willing to give away my money ,but are not so willing to give to charity themselves. if you don't believe me,go look for yourself.

    *** i don't really know what or who you are talking about. i am a conservative republican. i haven't detected a clue as to what your broader views are, nor does it matter.

    compare bush and obama,biden and chaney or red states and blue states and you will find that it is true.

    *** lol! i wouldn't be very eager to compair bush & chaney to anyone lest they sufffer from the comparison. better to try to forget them and their policies as a national embarassment. kinda hard fo us conservative to do with the daily reminders of thier lies and incompetence arriving in flag draped coffins.
  6. by   nurseguysfinishfirst
    If this is your idea of conservative Republican views,we don't need you.Please go join Arline Spector.
  7. by   PMFB-RN
    healthcare is no more a right than cable tv

    *** once again i have to wonder who you are arguing with? i think you may have confused some other person's comments with those of msn10 since she very clearly did not say health care is a right.

    we borrow 40 cents of every dollar that we spend.please stop stealing from my unborn grandchildren and great grandchildren.

    *** my thoughts exactly when the previous administration barrowed billions from the chinese to fund their war of choice.
  8. by   PMFB-RN
    Quote from nurseguysfinishfirst
    If this is your idea of conservative Republican views,we don't need you.Please go join Arline Spector.
    *** Honestly don't really know what you are talking about. You simply seem to invent the views of others without supporting evidence in their posts. I think you don't have the slightest idea what my views are and you for sure have made assumptions about msn10's views.
    Just wondering why you refuse to answer any of the questions I have asked?
  9. by   msn10
    Thank you PMFB!!!!

    nurseguy, Please re-read my post before you call me a "butt pimple." If you want to call people names based on their political views then your opinions will most likely be discounted by others, especially when the ones you are yelling at share some of your views. Ironically, I do not think healthcare is a right, if not for the very reason that I believe the government's management of medicare and medicaid is a disgrace.

    Again, this is about contraceptive coverage. My point again is that our founding fathers did not view women at the same level as men so for those on this thread asking to refer to the constitution for guidance - well it just doesn't make sense to me. If they wanted to argue to get contraceptive coverage, then they will have to make new laws, not circumvent the old ones.

    Lastly, tell me how I am wrong about our founding fathers. If I am, tell me specifically where in the laws that they created and passed that women had the same rights.