That Odd Thought and the Shocking Truth - page 2

I was sitting here and an odd thought came to my mind. The thought was if the Board of Nursing contacted me tomorrow and said "we are overturning the decision and you don't have to do the Health... Read More

  1. by   wheeliesurfer
    Honestly, I don't think it's a bad idea. I think humanity as a whole could use a little kick in the pants to use common sense and start thinking about/giving to others instead of getting stuck in this "it's all about me" me mentality. If anyone in the working profession could be randomly drug/alcohol screened there wouldn't be as many fatalities due to DUI/DWI, drug overdoses, less cirrhosis of the liver, etc.
    I think EVERYONE has the responsibility to help others without expectation of compensation, be it in their child's classroom, coaching their kids little league, work in a soup kitchen, clean up after disasters, etc. this is NOT limited to just nursing. I suggested it as part of HPMP because everyone always says that nurses are held to a higher standard. It would promote self awareness (can't drink tonight bc I work tomorrow), community service, etc.
    I tend to follow socialist thinking about healthcare (I think that all people should be afforded the right to free healthcare, it shouldn't be based on working status, ability to pay (out of pocket or state sponsored Medicaid), or age/disability (think Medicare). I believe that if everyone had the ability to receive preventive care at a PCP that our hospital ER's/ED's would see more EMERGENCIES and less illnesses that can be treated by primary care or prevented by proper education. Wouldn't it be great for our emergency medicine specialists to actually treat emergencies instead of playing primary care doc bc the person whose son has the sniffles and doesn't have the $$ to pay up front to a PCP knows that she can take him to an ED and they CAN'T turn her away because of her ability (or inability) to pay! Just like all people need access to physical medicine, I believe that all people need access to mental health services too. Nurses work in a hard environment day in and day out and are all too often scared to seek treatment for that situational depression, etc. in fears that the BON might put restrictions on their license or take it away all together. It's time to not live in fear. Step up nurses! Start a trend and encourage all people to be responsible to themselves AND the community! We might be held to a "higher standard" now, but hopefully one day it will be the social norm!