Returning to Nursing from Disability of 5 yrs durationNeed Some Suggestions

  1. I have been on disability due to a hearing impairment. I will be getting cochlear implants this Summer which means I should be returning to the work force in the Fall after "learning how to hear" again. My question is that even though I have a strong med-surg background, I don't know if I really want to get back into hospital nursing. One thing I have noticed is that not only do they expect the CPR, but even on a Med/Surg floor they want you to have ACLS. I tried in the past and couldn't pass the ACLS. I worked in med-surg, dialysis, psyche, corrections, LTC, private duty in my 32 yrs of nursing. I am thinking perhaps dialysis again, or if I could maybe get into doing state surveys. I would also enjoy doing chart reviews. I like paperwork, yet I can also see myself doing floor duty. I am pretty confused at this point. I am also 60. I wouldn't mind s job where I would have to travel some, but I don't know that I would want to do home care. BTW, when I was in Med-surg, I used to work up to 13 days straight of 12 hr shifts and loved it!! Does anyone have any suggestions for something perhaps out of the box that I could look into? I live near Daytona Beach, FL. Thanks to all and God Bless!
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    Moved to our Nurses With Disabilities forum... several threads about nurses with Cochlear implants.
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    The ACLS has changed over the years, and even though the class is not easy - it is easier than it was in the 1990s. I took it a few years ago and the code was run as a team effort - the theory is that is the way it would actually be done on the floor. I hope this helps. Good luck getting back into the work force.