Nursing Student with Arthritis worried about health clearance Nursing Student with Arthritis worried about health clearance | allnurses

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Nursing Student with Arthritis worried about health clearance

  1. 0 I'm starting a nursing program in NYC soon, however I was going through the health clearance packet and I noticed it asks for the medication I'm on, which includes methotrexate. I was wondering if there's a chance I could be denied clearance because I'm technically immunocompromised.

    I saw that there's a lot of nurses with RA so I was wondering what their experiences were with health clearances
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    I have RA & take 2 meds that leave me immunocompromised. I have not had any problems passing pre-employment physicals because of these meds.
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    Thank you!! Very good to know
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    If you are on a narcotic prescribed for pain, do you think that would be a no go?
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    For your pre-employment physical did you write down that you took methotrexate? I have such a physical coming up and am really worried they will fail me because of it!
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    I cannot speak from personal experience, since I never had to disclose any medications or physical conditions to my nursing school.

    However, I did go to nursing school with a woman who has RA. She disclosed that she was taking prescribed tramadol (a controlled substance) for pain relief for the purposes of the drug test. I assume she was taking other medications for her RA, too.

    Maybe check the nursing school's handbook? Or ask the nursing school?