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Nursing school & hearing loss

  1. 0 I have been a registered x-ray tech for the past seven years and did my job without any special accommodations or requests. I have congential birth defects & I'm 4'7, but I've never let it stand in my way and most co-workers have said that they don't even notice my disability because I don't dwell on it. I know I won't have any issues with clinicals because I survived them once before.

    My only concern is that I do have some hearing loss. I'm not sure how bad it is, but I'm fairly certain that I'll have to purchase an electronic stethoscope. When I first learned to do B/P & such, I had a regular stethoscope, but that was a long time ago. I don't want this to hinder me in school and I'm very determined. I just want to be advised of any steps that I should take to ensure that the school doesn't try to discriminate me for my problems. They'd have a tough time on there hands considering I've already established myself in the medical field.
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    Hey, congratulations on Nursing School. Have you been accepted or are you in the process of applying? [I am a little dense tonight, smile]
    Nope, you have the ADA (Americans with Disability Act) behind you. Continue reading on this forum and you will find many other posters who are dealing with their Deafness/deafness and attending a nursing program
    You must be an advocate for yourself! As Eleanor Roosevelt said, "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent" Words I try to live by.
    Be upfront if you need any type of assistance. Check out your schools/college/university's Office for Students with Disability or the 504 Officer.
    There is also a forum here on ALLNURSES that discusses electronic stethoscopes. I believe one web site is
    I use the Littman 4000 'scope. I was also a civilian EMT and I have profound hearing loss. (And I have been an RN for a while, as well)
    Good Luck and Best Wishes to you as you continue on to a new chapter in your life!
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    I am awaiting acceptance at the moment, but I'm fairly certain that my scores are high enough to get in.

    My aunt is the director of nursing at a Maryland hospital and she's the one that mentioned they have several nurses that use electronic scopes and it's really not uncommon. I guess I just got spooked by some of the horror stories on here and panicked. There is no bigger advocate for me than my self & I suppose my hubby. He says it would be unwise for them to try & discriminate me for something like some slight hearing loss when I have already proven myself capable of handling the stress of being an x-ray tech for the last 7 years. I have done more enemas & had more barium launched at me than I would have preferred, but I am a resilient person

    I don't have to use special phones or sit at the front of the class. I just have issues with some lower tones. I broke out the old scope today and I could hear mine & my hubby's heartbeat, but not the dogs. So it's not like I'm asking for great accommodations. Just a minor one, which shouldn't be asking too much.

    If I get any crap from the junior college I've applied at, a RN friend of mine said I could always go to the University campus 30 minutes away. They help with whatever a person needs to be successful in their nursing career.

    I'm just a little stressed. I want this so bad & it's become more evident to me since I lost my x-ray job at a clinic due to the strain of the economy.

    Thanks for your support.