Need help or idea with a nurse with disabilities but all faculties - page 2

Im somewhat in a situation that I would like some advice on And Im asking for the skill and knowledge of those that will possibly have some advice..... I have a great friend that was involved in an accident which has through a... Read More

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    hahahaha excuse all the typing errors.... just to excited to find this website ... giggles

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    (((((hugs))))) Red_Alert37 Glad you found us!

    Wow, what a lot to go through. Yes there are lots of options out there for you! I bet if you do a search for the terms 'disability' or 'wheelchair' you will find some more ideas. You will find this site is awesome, you'll make lots of friends and get lots of advice. Soon you'll be so addicted you'll never want to leave!

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    Hi Kim,
    What about teaching? In a nursingschool.
    I've got a collegue who was in a caraccident years ago and is a "quadro" (nobody needs to take offense here, she calls herself that too), she is in a special wheelchair of course with lots of electronic thingies, she can do with her mouth and 2 fingers of her left hand.
    Her voice is strong, and she doesn't need O2.
    The students love and admire her, as do we, but she is a great teacher anyway.
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    I know several nurses in wheelchairs that became UR nurses...their accomodation was to request the charts be brought to them when they didn't have to fly all around the hospital to locate them. Another nurse I know does HMO telephone triage.

    Good luck to you and may godspeed you on your 'journey' to health and renewed career! Having satisfying work is soooo important...we don't know what we got til it's gone, I have found.
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