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I've had a mild hearing loss for years but have put off getting the aids, mostly because of money and, I confess, fear of change. As annoying as missing a lot of stuff was, I was also in my comfort... Read More

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    Uhmmm, that would be a NO. I wear 2 BTE aids and there would be no place to put the ear buds of the stethascope.
    Quote from *ac*
    Can you use a regular stethoscope with hearing aids?

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    I'm still waiting for the E-scope. You can't use a regular stethoscope with in the ear aids. It has headphones instead of earpieces.

    I really don't like having to constantly take them out/put them back in. Sometimes this happens in front of families when I need to take an urgent listen when responding to an alarm, etc. No one has said anything yet. At this point I use a cardiology stethoscope - it's great.

    I just don't like endangering that expensive technology with the in and out thing as well.

    Your employer is supposed to make reasonable accomodations for you - like the stethoscope, earpiece for phone, etc. Get with your NM or Employee Health for what you need to do for your accomodations under the ADA.
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    I've thought about it for a while. I have 80% loss on the R but that is the side my wife sits on when we are driving or watching tele- I'm not sure I want to hear more on that side!

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