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Is this a new forum? or one I just never noticed before? I know there are nurses working with disabilities,why are there no threads? If it's a new forum I'll start out,I am an LPN and I am HIV+,was dx'ed with AIDS a few years... Read More

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    We have spoke privately before. I just want to update you. I have finally finished school. I am currently applying to sit for boards. When I filled out the medical portion of the questionaire I did not include my HIV status because my doctor told me that that is not what the question asked. The question was..."Have you in the last 5 years been diagnosed or treated for a physical impairment?" My doctor said that my status is not an impairment but a disease process and if they deny my application for that she would go to bat for me. My doctor informed me that my HIV status is protected under the Disabilty Act. Thank you for your support. Sorry I haven't been in touch but this last semester was tough. Hope to hear from you and others soon.
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    Congratulations,I knew you could do.Most of the HIV docs are great and willing to go the extra mile to help us out.OK so now go out and GET A JOB!!Good luck in your career,I'm sure you have a bright future ahead of you
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    I am an LPN, HIV+ , Diagnosed 10 1/2 years ago w/ PCP, CD4 was 96, viral load >100,000. Went on disability for a while. I battled a long time with myself as to whether I was fit to be a nurse anymore. I, too was most likely infected by unprotected sex.

    I don't tell anyone my status. Only my best friends and my husband and my parents know. I don't talk about it much, I once heard someone say "there's nothing like attention that makes the virus grow". Don't know if it's true or not, but feels right to me. I never dwell on it, I only think of it when I take my meds or when I'm on the web (The Body is a great resource).

    I'm very happy to have found this site and so glad You started this thread, Herecomestrouble.

    I have had some difficulty when getting pre-employment physicals, my family doctor wasn't going to say yes to the question: Is patient is free of communicable disease? I got really angry, but kept my cool and said if you have a problem with that question, leave it blank, and she did. I filled it in later.

    After years of struggling inside, I have come to realize that I am more careful on the job than a lot of other nurses with Universal precautions and handwashing and i know I don't pose a threat to anyone. If anything I am more careful, knowing my status. I went back to work full time last year, and I will be finishing my RN in 1 year.

    It is amazing however, that so much sterotyping and stigma still goes along with this illness especially in the medical community. This is why I keep silent about my status.
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    I love the Body and the BB there.Have you tried poziam.com ?Another great source of support,friendship and info.
    Take care
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    I may sound stupid but what is HCV I know HIV but never heard of the other.
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    Quote from JustaPatient
    I may sound stupid but what is HCV I know HIV but never heard of the other.
    hepatitis c virus.

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    Quote from earle58
    hepatitis c virus.


    :smackingf That makes sense.

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