1. I was curious to how many others suffer from Fibromyalgia. How do you manage it working full time. Have you had to quit a job that you loved for one that was less strain on your body. What jobs do you hold now that work well with your Fibro. And do you tell your co workers about your fibro or keep it to yourself since it hold such a strong stigma. I have Fibro and find it getting worse daily but do not want to stop nursing I love it. Curious as to how you manage, what do you do to make it easier, what jobs do you hold. And any other info with would be great. I have had the diagnosis for 10 years now and looking to connect with others who suffer.
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  3. by   MessyMomma
    I do have it, unfortunately. And the stigma sucks!

    I had to get out of Med-Surg nights--that was killing me physically and mentally.

    I am now doing Case Managing for Home Health. I still hurt, of course, and still have my 'flares', but it's so much better.
  4. by   Z71RN
    my mom was dx'd with that about 8yrs ago. though she remains as active as she always been, there are still days its a struggle for her to tie her shoes. medication and pool therapy helps her.
  5. by   elprup
    Looking for a partime clinic job that does not suck the life out of me!
  6. by   NamasteN
    I work for an agency so I can flex my schedule as needed. Am also in nursing school for LPN to RN. I work the evening shift as often as I can so I can take my time waking up and stretching, do my yoga etc and feel better by the time 3 PM comes around. I don't tell people at work, there's really no need to.
  7. by   redmielita
    I have it, been diagnosed for six years but had symptoms for much longer. I work PRN, which enables me to work around the days where I just don't feel good enough. Some of my coworkers know, but only the ones who have been around since before I was diagnosed and still worked full-time; it's normally not necessary to bring it up.