Do I disclose illness to DON - new hire

  1. I have not worked for four years. I am on disability for sarcoidosis. I have not any issues for years. With the exception of fatigue at times, when I do not get adequate rest. I recently got a job in LTC. It is more physical than I thought. However, I think that I can handle it on PT basis. I am working three 8's a week.

    When asked on application why I left my last job, I wrote to care for my family. In interview, I disclosed that I left to be a FT homemaker. I was advised to never disclose my illness and that I am protected by ADA.

    I believe that I can do this PT. But, I am wondering if I should disclose the real reason that I left last job was because of flare-up of my illness. But, I have been stable for last two years. She seems that she is very understanding.

    This place has very low turn-over, and I have a good feeling about it. Although, I will be busy from the time I get through the door, it is okay. I know that I just need my adequate rest.

    Should I be honest and tell the DON who hired me? She did tell me that I got a glowing reference from my former employer and was very impressed.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Do not talk about this. Do your job to the best of your ability and insure that your illness does not become an issue. Talk about your illness and you will give your boss a reason to look for another reason to get rid of you. Just do your job.
  4. by   iwanna
    Yes, you are right. I believe in not telling about illness, unless it would affect the job. However, my sister believes that I should be honest about not working in the past four years. I have had two different answers to this at the OVR. One worker advised me not to disclose the illness, and the other one advised to be honest. I have had this disability for many years. I have managed to work at least four years before having an exacerbation. As long as I stick to PT and get adequate rest, I should be fine. One reason that I was thinking of disclosing it is because I still am getting disability because I only work PT. I wanted her to understand that I don't want more hours. However, after giving it more thought I came to the realization that I was only hired to be PT. I requested to be only PT, so I should only work PT and no questions asked.
  5. by   Jules A
    I definitely wouldn't disclose unless you need accomodations at some point. Since you already told them you left your previous job to be a homemaker I would leave it alone. A simple "I'm sorry but I can't pick up that extra shift" should suffice when asked. Definitely do your part to ensure you get plenty of rest and I hope you continue doing well. Hugs, Jules
  6. by   llg
    I wouldn't volunteer any information. However, if you must be honest when answering direct questions (e.g. during a pre-employment physical). If you are caught lying, you will probably be automatically terminated.

    However, note that is just my personal opinion. I am not qualified to give legal advice.