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If I have a disability and applied for disability will it hurt my chances getting into nursing program. I have a hard time writing my papers in an hour without errors and think I have a little... Read More

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    I beat limitations by studing hard, and I usually make A's or B's in all my classes. I think my biggest worry is being discriminated against by the teachers or the teachers being hateful because i am alittle different. I went to lpn and dropped out because I felt like the teacher was so going faill me even if i passed. well, thank you for all the encouragement. Which program would be easier to do, BSN or ASN? thanks for your help.

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    define disability:

    I have worked with several nurses who could have applied for disabiltiy and choose to work.
    height, yes knew a nurse that legally qualified as a midget.

    Each person must decide for themselves if nursing can accomadate that specific disability. and if so go for it. Some disabiled nurses are the most caring and empathetic nurses that there are. Patients can sometimes relate to them, especially in rehab. Find it a real asset when you take something considered negative by society and turn it into a positive for your career. good luck
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    I used to work with a RN who was hard of hearing--it caused some problems in the Peds office we worked in. She would assess kids with colds but not be able to hear them wheezing, esp if they didn't have retractions or accessory muscle use. This would cause a delay in tx as they "looked ok" to her and then they would wait another 45 min to 2 hr to be seen. (The MD was the only Ped. in 50 miles and frequently left office to go to ER/Newborn nursery) It was a small office and we didn't have the luxury of having both of us on at the same time--she quit after a child had to be 911 into the hospital due to inability to fully assess his resp. status.

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