Bipolar and Menopause

  1. I was diagnosed with bipolar type 1 many years ago in my mid 30's. Since then I've been fairly well controlled with medication, cognitive therapy and stress management. Well that has changed. In the last year, I have been committed, threatened with committment, placed in a supervised setting, and several other aggravating things. I'm taking my medications as directed and it is not helping much with the insanity. Last Friday, I was nearly fired because I blew up at work. My normally mild mannered boss is really frustrated with me as he should be. It seems like nothing is working to control the severe radical mood swings. I really need this craziness to stop before I lose my job/lifestyle <serious> or take myself and several others out <kidding>. FYI I just turned 49. I was wondering how other people cope with having a mental illnes and going through the change.

    Thanks for any suggestions that you may have.
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  3. by   gingah828
    Hello Fuzzy,

    I can really relate with your situation. Although, I have not been 'diagnosed' Bipolar, I struggle with the highs and lows, PTSD (like many people on this planet) and anxiety/depression issues. I am also 49, going through the change. I realize you posted a couple of years ago, just thought you should know that it is appreciated and you're not alone. I am taking it a day at a time, trying to be honest with myself about my limitations, practicing journaling/meditation, and slowing down. Writing down my fears helps too, so that they don't unconsciously run my life. Succumbing to the fact that I need help and seeking it with an open mind also helps. One day at a time. I have been in the healthcare profession as a CNA/MA for 15 years and have found that making the transition to 'thinking like a nurse' is more challenging than I realized going in. I am in my first year of a BSN program, one more year to go! Just taking it all in and working to be own BFF is helpful, conserving my energy and being as flexible as I can helps too. I am not always good at all of these practices, I just try to utilize the different tools I have at my disposal (in my little bag of tricks, so to speak). Anyways, thanks again for your post and best wishes to you!

    Fuzzy and Frazzled
  4. by   TerpGal02
    I realize this is an old thread, but menopause in and of itself is very destabilizing for women WITHOUT comorbid mental health concerns. I don't know much about htr and mental health, but maybe its something to address with your pdoc. In any case, a change of meds/therapy is in order. I have BP II. I'm in ky early thirties and my menstrual cycle throws me way off. Still working with my pdoc to get my mood stabilizer dose to a level that will keep my mood stable even through my period. (which btw is Lamictal and I LOVE it, feel almost human after so many years of NOT). I can only imagine what hell I'm in for when I start the change.
  5. by   VivaLasViejas
    It wasn't fun. Of course, I didn't know about my bipolar 2 then, and I don't remember a lot of the stuff that my family says I did (ah, the mercy of manic blackouts!) but from their descriptions I was absolutely horrid to live with.

    I did know that hormones weren't the answer, as I never tolerated birth control pills of any kind---one kind gave me migraines, and the other two merely made me psychotic. Ended up gutting it out with Paxil and Ativan, and I thank God they worked pretty well, although they didn't do anything for what I now recognize as hypomania. And my family still loves me, even if they do think I'm crazy. LOL