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Hello, I am writing this post because I have just had my R.N. license reinstated after a year and a half automatic suspension due to a civil commitment related to my diagnosis of schizophrenia. I was scheduled to deploy with my... Read More

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    Quote from brakke33
    Although I have not heard of board order I have tried to verify my license through nursys and the results come up that I am UNABLE TO PRACTICE SAFELY BY REASON OF PSYCHOLOGICAL IMPAIRMENT OR MENTAL DISORDER. I hope that my status will change once the final paperwork goes through but for now it shows that I am still "unsafe".
    I'm really sorry. There but for the grace of God go a lot of us, for until our profession regards mental illness like any other medical condition, we're going to be as welcome in nursing as ants at a picnic.
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    Go to MN state BON and do a license lookup on yourself. I am surprised that you didn't get a Board Order when you entered your monitoring program....hmmm, you learn something new every day.
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    Quote from brakke33
    Hello, I am writing this post because I have just had my R.N. license reinstated after a year and a half automatic suspension due to a civil commitment related to my diagnosis of schizophrenia. I was scheduled to deploy with my national guard unit to Iraq and was in the process of leaving my job at a level one trauma center in the metro area when I started to become confused and unfocused. I didn't know what was going on and didn't feel safe to practice so I started to call in sick. I was trying to get a L.O.A. while I was prepping to deploy but my employer was making it difficult and along with all the other stressors, and PTSD from a previous deployment...
    God bless you and thank you for your service, and at such a cost. I should think there might be voc. services w/ the military that could help you through these hurdles and getting a job - they ought to! It's the least we owe you!

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    Thank you, it was a privilege to serve. My father is currently taking advantage of those voc/rehab services right now, he lost his job when the mine shut down, and if needed I plan to do the same.
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    My jaw hit the floor today when I was denied an appointment at a VA mental heath care facility because of my enrollment in the health professionals service program required by my BON in order to keep my R.N. license. HPSP is a agency that "monitors treatment progress, work quality, and medications, along with attendance at support groups". The supervisor at the VA facility stated that they wouldn't give me an appointment not because my benefits package doesn't include mental health care but because of my participation in HPSP. I hope the VA rep I contacted about this is a pittbull and tears this person a new one.
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    Update for those who are wondering if they can do it, I found a job at a same day surg unit last may. I was totally honest about everything and they just saw my résumé, including 6 months traveling time at Yale, my time at a level 1 trauma center, and my military hx. Over the last 6 months I have excelled and have had no problems. They wanted someone with exp who could start quickly and they had no prob with my needing a work site monitor! So far alls good, I had to relocate but I was hired! I have 1.5 years left on my monitoring and plan on looking for a job closer to home then since it should be easier to get hired on with a current work hx and no need for a work site monitor. Just wanted to post so that someone could find some good news about being a nurse living with schizophrenia!
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    i am so very proud of you. I also thank you and your father for your service
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    What a minute. Hold on. I do have a service connected injury. I contacted VA. already had appt. I have been in leadership positions before. I am open about my life. Probably should put filter on my mouth. After 30 years I will not just walk away without a fight. I am FAR from perfect but I do want best for everyone. I never want bad for anyone. I knew it was time for a change in my life and area of Carter. I do have the paper to prove that. Now today everything is digital. We all no none is perfect. So please big bussiness which is more guilty someone trying or greed?
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    Call crisis. Line or social services.

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