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  1. Hello. I'm 21 y/o female and I was recently diagnosed with Lupus about 10 mths ago. I was always healthy and strong before getting into my first "flare". I even had to get a blood transfusion because my blood count was really low. Anyway now that I'm on Lupus medication, (including Prednisone which I hate and made me gain 30lbs) and out of a flare, I'm a lot better than I used to be. but EVERYDAY I'm always left feeling tired, achy joints all over my body, back pain, weakness, & feel like I can't stand for more than like 2-3 hrs w/o feeling so tired and weak with swollen feet.. and the list goes on.

    I'm a pre-nursing student hoping to be an RN and eventually a PNP and hoping to apply for nursing school by 2014. I'm having second thoughts as to being a nurse because I know i would have to work 12 hr shifts, no sitting, possibly no lunch breaks if busy, and so on. Stress, spread of germs, lack of sleep, etc. could possibly set me into a "flare" and being sick for weeks at a time really sucks.

    My questions are for the people that have Lupus or any other autoimmune diseases..

    -How is your day after a long 12hr shift?!
    -How to protect yourself from all the sick pts that come into the hospital?
    -How to minimize back pains and joint pain from working long hrs?
    -Even though I have Lupus, would Nursing still be a great career for me? Or too much for me to handle physically, emotionally, & mentally?

    Any other info would be greatly appreciated & helpful.

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  3. by   cardiacrocks
    After most of my 12 hr. shifts I am exhausted! I work 3, 12's in a row, by the 3rd I am ready to fall over. I don't get sick very often but when I do it's usually your basic good old fashion cold. You are on your feet a great deal of your shift, I try to use the best body mechanics to minimize my back pain. This job is physically, mentally and emotionally exhausting. If you already have a lowered immune system, my advice would be do not get into the medical field. You are with sick people the whole time you are working, including employees at times. Good luck in your decision, we are always here to support you no matter what you decide.