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I am nurse in my first year as an RN, and I have ADHD "Severe Type" (according to the Duke ADHD Program). I have been suffering from crippling anxiety on the job. I go into the bathroom to cry and often have panic attacks... Read More

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    I'm finishing my first semester of nursing school and I'm having a lot of anxiety from school and also about my health. I'm having an issue my doctor calls "cardiac awareness" where I get paranoid that I'm having heart problems (angina, bounding pulse, arhythmias, tachcardia, etc.) This started after I had an episode about a month ago where my heart started racing and I ended up in ER. Also, when I study & read about all these health problems, I get anxiety. I hope I can get past this and that things will calm down after exams. I'm planning to see a therapist soon because I know I cant go on like this and I have to get a handle on managing my stress. As far as clinicals, I hated them mainly because I felt totally scattered and dreaded all the charting and careplanning paperwork. It's very stressful for me when I have to be thrown into situations where I have to learn on the job. I know that's just the reality of the situation, I just need to seriously learn to manage my stress and my time.

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    Im in a similar boat with anxiety and am about to give you probably terrible advice but you have to do what makes you happy. I know its not that simple but if the workplace is not right for you try another. Don't live life in so much pain its not worth it.
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    I have the same issue with my panic attacks, I'm so aware of my heart pounding and afraid I'm having a heart attack, even though I've had more panic attacks than I can count! Finding the right medication is what worked for me. I hear you about the stress of clinicals, if it weren't for my meds I don't think I could have functioned at all in clinicals. Good luck
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    How is everyone doing? I left the hospital environment and am loving my job in home health. It isn't stress-free, but I get to deal with one patient at a time. It has made a huge difference in my life!
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    Congrat's on making a positive work environment change!! Hope you are feeling better! Thanks for giving us an update! Wishing you continued success in your new position!
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    What specialty are you in right now? If you are feeling this overwhelmed it may have something to do with where you are working. As far as time management goes, it takes a while to start feeling like you even know what is going on, let alone feeling like you have it together, if you felt like you knew everything in your first year of nursing, that quite possibly could make you the scariest nurse ever; knowing your limits is important...however, limiting yourself with doubt is not a good thing either. Try to remember why you decided to become a nurse, try to remember the good things about being a nurse...and try to focus on the good things that happen while you are working. Maybe if you make a list while you are working, just quickly, and keep it in your pocket, and add possitive things as your shift goes along, and then go home and look at it, it will make you feel a little better...

    "All the world is full of suffering. It is also full of overcoming." ~Helen Keller
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    Love your quote, JamieLee

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