Wherever We Go: Nursing School Style

  1. Student nurses Rock.

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  3. by   somenurse
    VERY CUTE!! Looks like this was a lotta fun for everyone involved to make this!! I don't know a lot about making videos, but, i thought it was very cool how you did this, very neat!!

    While smiling watching the energy in this video, i got remembering this time, our boss went on vacation.
    this was in an outpatient surgery building,
    which had no patients in it after hours.

    So after we'd sent out last patient of the day,
    We took a camera, and took photos of stuff like, feet coming out of a door, with person obviously on the floor,
    and set up all kinds of disastrous looking faked events,
    nurses strangling each other,
    pillow-facing "patients" in the beds,
    food in the nurse's station,
    all kinds of nonsense,
    photos of everyone breaking all the rules we could think of,
    made some photo-story lines that we added text to later,
    just whatever we could think of (and once we got started, our imaginations did go wild)

    and we made a photo album, complete with titles for each photo,
    to show our boss how well we all did without her there. We laffed so so hard making this photo album, and the boss really busted a gut when she saw it too.

    was hilarious.

    PS-----------funny enough, when i went to pick up the photos, the gals at Walmart photo counter were laughing hysterically at our photos when i got there, showing them back and forth to each other, just laffin so so hard at the funny faked-up photos we'd made. They said, "HOw funny, we were JUST talking about how we hate to go to the doctors, cuz it's so so humorless, and then, we developed THIS roll of film!! THIS place must be nutz to work at!!"