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  1. 6
    My resolution is to not make a resolution.
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  2. 6
    I want to gain 5 lbs, stay single, eat in bed, and exercise as little as possible. High expectations stress me out
  3. 4
    Let's see where do I begin, Get my life together and in order

    -Get closer to God.
    -Get my own apartment
    -Finish up last few courses to complete my BSN
    -Get a job with benefits
    -Make a dent on my debts
    -Start seriously saving
    -Travel outside of the US to a foreign county: Paris, Spain, Italy...

    That's it
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  4. 2
    To study more!(well.. to study at all) I have a long history of just getting by.. my grades have never shown my full potential and I've been okay with that.. without studying the worst grade I have gotten is a C+ in micro.. but I'd like to change that. I would like for my grades to truly reflect my abilities. I need to quit procrastinating, quit neglecting, focous, and try!
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    I am taking my meal breaks from now on. By the time I leave work my kids have to suffer the wrath of tired and hungry mom and it's not fair. I will eat somehow...I swear I will!
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  6. 3
    I would like to continue building my relationship with GOD! Continue to be the best mom and person that I could possibly be...start and continue on my school journey and everything is will be laginappe!
  7. 6
    My only resolution is to pass my NCLEX on January third. If I can do that, I can handle anything else 2013 throws at me.
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  8. 3
    Start my bachelor of nursing, become a staff trainer at work and loose 10kg.
  9. 4
    I don't make resolutions anymore. However, I am moving to a new city so I'm excited for what this year will bring.
  10. 0
    I don't make resolutions. I like to start on my goals the minute I decide what they are. For me, I plan to continue losing all of the baby weight until I reach my goal weight, continue to train for a warrior dash and hopefully move on to a graduate program this year. Also, hubby and I are moving this year. I have already started working on all of these goals.

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