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What will be your New Year resolution? - page 3

Are you thinking about any New Year resolution? What happened with last year's resolution? Did you stick to it? Click Like if you enjoyed it. Please share this with friends and post your... Read More

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    Drink more waterDon't get so frazzled...or don't show itLeave work on timeTake a vacationMaybe get my first apartment? Yikes
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    Get closer with God, be a better wife and daughter and sister, Keep my nursing job, start RN-BSN at Walden U, lose 20lbs, go on a couple of vacations, and to loose my give a damn.
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    Get a new pair of dankso.
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    My new years resolution is To not look at the past or the future, but to enjoy the present, no matter what it brings :-)
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    1. Read the Bible more.
    2. Graduate this new December!!
    3. Lose 70lbs
    4. Stop senseless arguments with my husband.
    5. Healthy FAMily members
    6. Provide my husband love and support, since he has done it for me
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    well...to do well in LPN program, make friends, do the best that I can on my job, love and be loved, be healthy, be wise, be wealthy AND all of the above
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    I don't make resolutions, I have a bucket list. Last year was to pass my boards-check. Next, was to find a job within the year-check!!! Now...I hope you make plans for a wedding by the fall, if the economy and my budget goes to plan...even for a small wedding
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    To be nicer to people I don't like and surround myself with people I do!
    To continue spending as much time as I can with my family and to continue loving our new life in New Zealand!
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    Quote from xoemmylouox
    I just want to make the best of the next year. I may not enjoy my current job, but I need to survive it for another year. I don't make resolutions, but I need to do this. Let's hope 2013 is better for all of us.. I cannot make it through another 2012.
    Hear Hear!!!
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    Quote from Calabria
    I typically don't make resolutions, but I think I will this year.

    1. Train for a 5K (I hate running, and all of my friends do it. I think it's a healthy habit that I could pick up on, and it requires a lot of discipline).
    2. Save up enough money for a down payment on a house.
    3. Pay down my highest interest loan by at least $6,000.
    Training for a 5k isn't so bad, and it'll whip you into shape very quickly xD. I used the couch to 5k running plan (The Couch-to-5K Running Plan | C25K Mobile App) and lost about 10% body fat in the 2 months it took me to get up to jogging 30 minutes at a time. I gained it all back in muscle, too xD. I've never thought I could be a jogger (always overweight), and it was so freeing to be able to run like all of my friends.

    Good luck with your resolutions!

    As for mine:

    1) Maintain a 4.0 Nursing GPA
    2) Try and be hired on as a tutor at my college's Academic Center
    3) Get accepted into the nursing program in the Fall
    4) Get closer to my family and help repair the damage my father has done with his divorce tactics
    5) Lose the rest of my weight -- I lost 100 lbs over the course of 2011-2012, then stopped for a long while to let my body recuperate, and now, back to the grindstone! I want another 50-70 gone, and to convert a lot of my fat into muscle. I'll be doing an extreme cut starting Jan 7., and then picking up jogging after a 12 weeks stint of that cut.
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    Quote from jb4455
    To study more!(well.. to study at all) I have a long history of just getting by.. my grades have never shown my full potential and I've been okay with that.. without studying the worst grade I have gotten is a C+ in micro.. but I'd like to change that. I would like for my grades to truly reflect my abilities. I need to quit procrastinating, quit neglecting, focous, and try!
    You sound like me! Everything could be ours, we just have to own it.... Tuwanda!!!
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    I just finished school so the top one is to get a job

    The others are to find more balance. I threw myself 110% in nursing school and I became lazy in eating healthy and being fit like I used to. I want to become refocused on a healthy lifestyle like I spend to be and spend more QT with the hubs, now that I actually will have time.
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    Well lets see...I'm already in love and that is going very well. My family is awesome so I wish them all good health for 2013 - myself included. I'm starting my LPN to RN bridge in January 2013 so I hope to do well and pass everything. As for what I hope to change personally is to eat healthier...take in less processed foods in my diet, and drink less pop (soda) as I am addicted to Coke Zero. I want to put all of those exercise videos and video games that I've purchased over 2012 to use and get my behind to working out. My bones are creaking, lol.