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The latest nursing scrubs.. - page 3

What was the wackiest scrub design you have ever seen? Do you prefer solid colors or design? Please share this with friends and post your comments below! Want more nursing cartoons?About... Read More

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    Scrub shopping?? Do you have to buy your own??
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    My hospital has a "professional image" policy where each job wears a certain color. I.E. nurses wear navy or white, RTs wear green, PCTs wear sandstone, environmental wear black, etc... It gets really boring after a while, but it's made our patient sat scores increase since it has decreased the confusion over who is who.
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    Currently working in a Continuing Care Retirement Community ... in the Adult Home aspect of such. Management requests we wear 'casual attire', khakis, no jeans, no spandex, put together well with blouses/tops, but nothing provocative; we can wear scrubs but no whites. I prefer to be comfortable and wear scrubs most of the time -- solid bottoms with print tops, usually blues, aquatic and/or nature prints. The residents love the tops I wear .... it's a great way to get the communication going and I love to see their smiles!

    We do have to purchase our own scrubs and do not receive a uniform allowance either. We are asked to remove the 'name brand tag' if it is displayed on the outside of the scrubs ...