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Last night my Mom was taken from her long term care facility into emergency because she had a UTI that was not responding to treatment and they couldn't get her fever down. At one point my sister and I were helping her move in... Read More

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    What an amazing story

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    I will be contacting the Patient Care Manager in emergency to say thanks and will be contacting the Patient Care Manager on the inpt unit about the "go in your diaper" thing. I don't work on an inpt unit any more, but I was appalled at the attitude that was displayed. If any of us did that and my Patient Care Manager had heard about it we would be in more trouble than anyone would care to admit. We had an LPN tell a pt that once and oncde our manager heard about it, well, let's just say she never said that again. If they "do that all the time" I worry how many others have figured they had no choice. I am not afraid to point out when things are not as they should be but I am also willing to pitch in to make things a bit easier if I can.
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