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The very first time I ever stepped foot into an oncology office was the day my Dad was diagnosed with Stage IV Melanoma. The only thing I could think as I sat there was, “Why does anyone decide they want to become an oncologist... Read More

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    This article helped me re-evaluate my perspective on "little things" and the attitude with which I perform them. You know, "Argh, they're asking for ice chips while I'm trying to do x-y-z important stuff, don't they know I'm BUSY?" Yeah, sure, I'm busy, but as long as I'm (quickly) passing ice chips, I can do it w/ a smile rather than a chip on my shoulder.
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    Im a CNA float in the hospital and my favorite floor is Medical Oncology. I love the patients. I love the families. I love being part of their fight. I lost my mom to cancer and my dad is a survivor. I love the perspective every time the sun rises after a long night. It's emotionally intense, no doubt, and not my first choice of specialty right now, as I start nursing school, but definitely something I'm interested in in the future. Thank you for your article and I hope you and your family find peace in your journeys.
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    Quote from zingyrocks
    Good luck to your Dad, tell him to 'keep truckin' they do amazing things in oncology x
    Funny you should say that, he's actually a truck driver! lol. He's been in great spirits and taking everything very well, although it took a little bit for him to get to this point. Hopefully in a few weeks he will literally get to 'keep truckin.'
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    I am a RN on a med/surg unit with half of my patients being oncology patients and the other half non-oncology. I must say, I have a special place in my heart for oncology patients. And believe it or not, but they seem to be the most appreciative of all my patients. I love knowing I can walk into and out of a room with a patient and their family in such a vulnerable state and give them the reassurance that I really do 'care'. Theres nothing worse than feeling like you're just a body and your nurses caring for you are just doing a job. From the moment you walk into a patient's room they can sense whether or not you truly care.
    I too was on the other side, being a family member sleeping at the bedside of someone I love going through a terrible battle. And I could see and feel how comforting a simple caring smile was. I could tell who actually was "listening" when we spoke. That was when I decided I truly wanted to become a nurse.
    Oncology patients or anyone going through such a difficult time in their life should never feel like they are 'bothering' their nurse when they ask for something. They should never feel like they're just a body laying in a bed. This can truly impact how they handle their disease. Even those patients that never cracked a smile no matter how hard you tired.... Deep down they are smiling knowing you care about them. Maybe when you walked out of the room they smiled. And they are comforted that even though you're not in their room, you are there if they call or need anything at all. You are "there" and present both professionally, emotionally, and mentally.

    My best wishes to you, your father and your family. Father's have been so strong for us as we grew up and now we try to be strong for them.
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    well I am sure that after this experience you will make an even bigger is a humbling time..i was seriously ill about 6 years ago and my experience as a patient was a huge eye opener..completely changed me,,best wishes to your dad..
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    Thanks for all the well wishes! Today my Dad had a follow up appointment with reports of good labs. He's also noticed a decrease in the size of his lumps!
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