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Every evening, I go into work, as a Registered Nurse, expecting to have a typical night with the same type of patients. All of the patients are here for recovery from their drug addictions, so each night is similar to the night... Read More

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    Quote from MountainRN53
    I have been a nurse for almost 19 years in Home health and LTC facilities. I just started at an LTC about a week ago after relocating to the area. I am new to the residents and trying to gain trust while being bombed with a huge med pass. It is so hard to be kind and rush at the same time. I would love to take extra time to listen to my patients stories like you and others who have responded. God Bless everyone. Great story!
    Thank you for reading! WHen I did my med pass, as I was reaching for their meds, I would also ask them how they were doing, taking an extra moment to show an interest. That's how the first door is opened... the door to invitation. Yes, I understand that the med pass has to be done by a certain hour, but maybe start a slightly bit earlier to allow for those few extra moments. Then, after the med pass, I may return to the patients, especially the ones that took an interest in wanting to share their stories, and take a few more moments to hear their stories. There have been days that I'd be at my work for an hour past my shift ended, just talking and listening to my patient's stories they had to share. I don't do that all the time since I am pretty exhausted after a full day's work, but when I do, it surely makes a world of difference for those patients. I've had a couple patients return to my unit just to say Hello to me and see how I've been doing and also to thank me. Now that is what makes my day!
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    Quote from sukiathome
    That is what I live for in nursing. No matter what area I work or where I work. I want to be there for the patient. A machine can dispense medications but only another living breathing feeling human being can truly offer empathy and support for whatever trauma experience any patient has been through. Who am I to judge them? I've not walked a day in their shoes.
    Very true! No judgement allowed (so to speak). The main aspect in nursing, I believe, is empathy. I've written in another of my responses how I believe that our few extra moments of empathy has a drastic effect on the patient's healing process by ever so slightly reducing any depression they may be experiencing, or by improving their well-being. It only takes an extra moment. I've also made sure that when a patient speaks to me, I give them my full undivided attention. I look them in the eyes while smiling attentively and I've had such great feedback that they've all enjoyed my attentive listening while they share their stories. I don't ever look at my papers or phone or watch as that just shows disgrace to the patient or that we aren't interested in hearing what they have to say. It's all about the way we show our empathy also.

    Thank you so much for reading!
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    Quote from MystyqueOne
    My belief is to treat the whole patient, not just their disease process.
    I works.

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