On Becoming a Nurse - page 2

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I was a banker when I met my wife. Before that, among other things, a silver-tongued used car salesman. A lifetime ago, I was in the Human Services field, helping people with special needs and struggling to pay my bills. I've had... Read More

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    So wonderfully written. Thank you.
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    Simply great. Thanks for sharing this inspiring story. I would love to share this with my friends.
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    Keep writing please. It's refreshing to read.
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    Love this! Well written and reminds myself (and probably many others who will read it) of inspirational nurses in our past!
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    Beautifully written! I lack any other words than that other than thank you for sharing.
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    Absolutely, beautiful! I'm so anxious to be a nurse to give so much great care to others. Thank you for writing this!
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