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If your mom or grandmother was a nurse before you then you may have something that was passed on to you from that nursing era. If you do, what is it? Click Like if you enjoyed it. Please share this with friends and post... Read More

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    My mother gave me her bedside nursing award metal when I was caring for her as she was dying. She said I deserved it more than she, which wasn't true, but meant the world to me. I inherited my dad's stethoscopes and his microscope from med school, as well as his med school notes and textbooks AND his diaries from his early medical years. Amazing to see how medicine has advanced since the early 1940's! The CPS (med reference) was 1/4" thick! My great grandmother was a pioneer midwife on the prairies. She drove a model A which her husband crank started for her. I'm sure she kept a diary of her deliveries, but it has been lost. However the legacy of nursing lives on in her family.
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    My aunt (who died when I was 6 or so) is the only other one in my family with any medical background. She worked as an RN for many years before she died of cancer. I was honored when my aunts sent me her pin at my graduation. It made me feel like I was carrying on the torch even though I didn't know her well. I only wish she would have saved her cap as well!
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    On this note, I must say that I still wear my RN pin dating from 1968 given to me by my then preceptor, needless to say, I treasure it.... Aloha~
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    I have my mother's first nursing license (1926), her school pin, her Red Cross pin (from WWII when she taught home nursing) and a metal case with a glass syringe and 2 needles. No file to sharpen the needles, though! Sadly, the moths ate her cape, so I had to get rid of it.
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    My mom was a nurse for over 50 years. I have her last stethoscope and lab coat. I also have a picture of her at nursing school graduation. She was in the nurse cadets and was paid a stipend of $5 a month while in nursing school. I wish I had her cape or nursing cap. I remember her putting on her cap for work every day in the 60's. She definitely passed on her love of learning and her concern for her patients.
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    I have my grandmother's stethoscope, several if her old nursing books, and on graduate day she gave me her nursing pendant that she received as a present when she graduated RN school. I treasure them all and still use her stethoscope.

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