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It's often said that people take up nursing because of the money. Is this true? Why did you take up nursing? Family? Money? Love helping people? Click Like if you enjoyed it. Please share this with friends... Read More

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    I am guessing most that got in it for money won't last long...
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    I find the very idea of going into nursing for the money to be laughable. Anybody who chooses nursing for money is either grossly missinformed as to what nurses get paid, or isn't smart enought to be a nurse in the first place. In my area new grads start at about $20 and hour. If the pay were better I wouldn't care if people entered for the money, but with what we get paid it's abserd. There are lots of fields with higher pay and less responsibiliety and plain old hard physical labor than nursing. Try investment banking.
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    Quote from madpeys
    I am guessing most that got in it for money won't last long...
    Which is why I tend to see the current nursing surplus as a temporary situation, at best. A near-perfect example was when I went to a CNA orientation at a local CC - presentation was going great right up to the point where the presenter started explaining why you need to wear a cheap watch to work. The instant she said "feces - poop" 140 people went totally silent, 'cause that wasn't what they wanted to hear. And, that's only the beginning, folks - only the beginning. Everybody signed up for the class - but I'd love to see how many actually went on to work as CNA's.

    You just don't do this for the money - being a CNA/LVN/RN/NP simply doesn't pay enough to justify the physical, emotional, social & psychological challenges inherent in this line of work. As for me - I'm working in an LTC as a CNA, and volunteering with a hospice. Why?

    Because I'm needed.

    ----- Dave
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    Nurses really are underappreciated, in and outside the medical and healthcare field. Sad but true.

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