Me......Me....Me : A Sense of Entitlement - page 7

We've all seen this type of patient. They start out in the ER insisting that they be seen first because no one else could be in as much need of medical attention as them. This behavior carries over... Read More

  1. by   TriciaGT
    When I was a House supervisor, I had a lady with a sprained ankle leave after being triaged. She then came back via ambulance thinking she would get seen faster. I had to explain to her that not only did she lose her original place but that she would have to wait awhile because we were very busy with sick patients. She ended up waiting in the lobby with ice on her ankle and was discharged home shortly after being seen.
  2. by   Nita Faye
    We served a large Medicaid population in OB. (You loose money on every Medicaid delivery) I've had them come in and say, "I want everything I am entitled to..." Insert eye roll here. Who packs for an OB delivery and doesn't pack panties, tooth brush, tooth paste...