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Anyone ever had a celebrity as a patient or a celebrity in your place of work? Please share any information if possible. Did you experience any problems because they were there? ie. fans, phone calls, etc Click Like... Read More

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    Looked after a few Hollywood personalities in for face lifts while working in California. One in for her third face lift.
    One famous actor in for surgery did have an entourage and security, most did not.

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    I once took care of a very prominent lawyer. He was soooo nice and yeah he did have a entourage, but the nicest part was his cardiologist told my head nurse he wanted only certain nurses to take care of him and I was the night shift nurse. I even came in on my days off to take care of him and got an extra 4 days off with pay. He sent the nurses who took care of him chocolate covered strawbarries and a dozen roses each.
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    i took care of an author. he have published many of famous books in my state and he is also a social leader out here. apart from getting relief from my hectic work in ICU, i spent quality time with him. he was humble, gentle, down to earth. we talked about gneration gap, birds,.. he use to have many visitors and cabin full of flowers. but in person, all are same with similar need.
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    I was a traveling nurse in the late 80's and worked at St John's in Santa Monica. The floor I worked on had celebrity suites. The regular nurses hated the celebrities so we got stuck with them. They wer under 'assumed' names, I got report on my patient, had no clue who she was. Walked into the room and had to get past 2 body guards,walked in and I almost peed my pants! There laying in the bed was one of the biggest female Icons in history who is now gone. I was shaking, she was nasty and only wanted her pain shot pronto and instructed me her pain shot HAD to be every 2 hours on the dot. I took care of 3 celebrities at that hospital,one of them nasty the other 2 nice.
    Another time I had a well know designers father. He was grateful for the care we gave his father. He had the most piercing blue eyes I have ever seen!.
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    I took care of a former president, former prime minister, former chief justice, can't remember who else. Their privacy was sacred, no one allowed to visit except close family, and they hardly came so as not to disturb us or the patient. Security everywhere, but they were outside the door. The only person who was allowed in was the prime minister who came to visit the president, and after half an hour when I noticed the president was tired, I told the prime minister and he just thanked me and left.
    The only person who did make a fuss was the son of a patient. The son is a famous comedian and he just barged inside the room (it used to be an open floor with 11 other patients, some critical), and when we asked him to wait, he ignored our request with the excuse he had to go to work. As if nursing wasn't work!! Or the patients' well being iwasn't important. I didn't keep my mouth shut and told him we too had work and his father wasn't the only patient there.
    Don't worry, I wasn't told off.
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    Does it count that one of the doctors I worked with is a famous rock musician in another country? Very smart guy and just like the rest of us with good days and bad days.
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    Quote from Aongroup1990
    My friend was the nurse who helped deliver Beyonce's baby..
    Lots of peoplebelieve that Beyonce didn't deliver that baby...teehe
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    A few famous people, but I usually don't know who they are...oops! Some are pleasant and kind and grateful for the care; others are not! Some have an entourage and others do not! Sometimes it's a patient's relative that is famous, but they are usually nice. The ones that bother me are the ones that think they deserve VIP treatment for some reason (famous or not). My response to them is "everyone is a VIP in my book"...the patient or family member usually doesn't know what to say to that. Oh, I do hate paparazzi!
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    this is a very interesting topic. it deserves to be on the first page again..
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    Quote from donnacee
    Reagrdless of who you care for...I want that patient leaving and saying...do you know the nurse that took care of me is AMAZING and everyone needs to know about HER!!!!!

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