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Having a celebrity as a patient - page 5

Anyone ever had a celebrity as a patient or a celebrity in your place of work? Please share any information if possible. Did you experience any problems because they were there? ie. fans, phone... Read More

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    A nurse I know took care of Bernie macs daughter years ago. She said he was really nice and brought breakfast for the staff.
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    anyone here who has helped with the royal baby's delivery?
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    I always get stuck with our local VIPs. Doctors, their families, local car dealer owners (luxury cars - like the Porsche dealer owner who sold ALL the county doctors their cars), OLD Mobile money families (like buildings & streets named after them).
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    There was a certain country music star (who recently died) I was aware of; back around 1990, he was in a special suite which the hospital had just created to woo just such a clientele... what's interesting to me was the order for whiskey neat... the pharmacy kept a bottle of Jim Beam in the cooler to hold off the DTs.

    On a related note; once I saw (at a really rural country hospital) what looked suspiciously like a pt drinking a urine specimen; turned out her doc had prescribed white wine to increase appetite.