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There's a high demand in nurses. Everyone wants to become one! Do you think this is part of the economic recession and people just needing a job that is in high demand? Or, do you think people... Read More

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    I think it is a conjured up financial mess putting out the myth that there is a nursing shortage. I've met so many "nurses" that absolutely HATE what they are doing. Give them less than one full year..................I have yet to meet a new nurse that is not claiming she is trying to find her way OUT of this career called nursing. Nursing is NOT what the J&J commercials portray it as. I hate when people start spouting off their mouths about the high respect nurses get. That is just not true. Nurses get the blame when things go wrong. Nurses get sued. Nurses get written up for the stupidest things. Nurses that truly care about the patients often get dumped on by administration. Why? Because management and administration knows the nurse will do right for the patient. That often means not getting their lunch. Not going to the bathroom. Taking the verbal abuse by doctors. Charting while they are off the clock just so they don't get in trouble by getting overtime. Most of you nurses know what I am talking about.
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    you got it! They are still getting through. I am adjunct faculty for a nursing program and I could tell you stories! Students that have absolutely no business NOR any desire to be taking care of people. They still think they will meet and marry a rich doctor. Forgetting most of the smart doctors today are going to marry another doctor!
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    Nursing today requires you also be a good MANAGER. The nurse must constantly manage the care of the patient and her multitude of a million tasks to accomplish. So, do not think for one minute you will not be managing. You spend your day managing people and things to get done.

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