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Dear nursing student - page 7

Dear clinical student, I am your soon-to-be instructor. Know that I love this profession and have dedicated my life to it and to my patients. I consider this profession to be a calling. I did not... Read More

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    "if you are in it for anything except caring for patients, leave now. if you are in it for the money, leave even faster."

    this should be a requirement for admission! so much of my class hates patient care and is only seeing dollar signs!
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    Quote from ebailey1218
    I loved everything you had to say, but your last item made me smile. I am so excited to start school - I worked so hard to get here!

    I agree. And my hard work will continue not just in the program, but after school as well. I only hope to make a difference in the many lives I will encounter throughout my nursing career.

    Also, I hope to have an instructor as dedicated as you are.
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    Love this! Thank you for this article! I will definately apply this great advice when I start clinicals!
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    Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I start my first semester of my ADN in a couple weeks and clinicals 3 weeks after that. I've been looking all over for what to expect, advice and warnings for clinicals and your article made what's expected of me clearer. I look forward to reading any other advice articles you write.
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    enlightening article~
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    So I realized after I went back to proof what I wrote I didn't have to quote the whole article. Oops! Still new at this!!
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    How's clinical going for you?? Hoping it's everything you thought it would be!!!
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    Thanks for the article. I will do my best to follow your advice.
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    Never run from a bully wearing panties! Or any other for that matter.

    Love it.
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    I know this is an old post but I so appreciated reading this. I am entering an ABSN program this summer! I have always found that usually the professors that are the hardest on you are often the best. They are hard on you because they want you to be the best too. Passion usually leaks through in the way a professor or instructor teaches and I find that it always makes them better at what hey do, which in turn, helps me to be better too! Thanks for posting.
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    As the PP said, I see this is old, but what a great read for a new nursing school student coming in!!
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    Thank you for your post. I am looking at going into nursing school and I want an idea of what it will be like before I get there. Excited to start this new journey in my life and your information was very insightful.

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