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There are pros and cons to choosing a preferred nursing shift. But what is right? I mean - if you haven't tried it how will you know. What is your current working shift? Do you like it? What... Read More

  1. by   GinaCat
    I'm sure other places of work are similar- day shift has a LOT more paperwork. MDs in all day long entering new orders to be done, family members with many questions, and insulin/revela w/ every meal for some patients.

    so! with that said, i like night shift. cut all that out, and I have time to really focus on care, charting, and reading the progress notes. i give day nurses a ton of credit. i also wouldn't give up having time to do CNA work. I used to be an aid and I feel like night shift allows more time w/ the patients.
  2. by   Catch22Personified
    Quote from brian
    There are pros and cons to choosing a preferred nursing shift. But what is right? I mean - if you haven't tried it how will you know.

    What is your current working shift? Do you like it?

    What are the pros and cons of working your preferred shift?

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    I'm pretty pale and I have a slight Vit D deficiency so yeah I work nights. Nights was a good stepping stone for me and it allowed me to interact with my coworkers. My problem with nights is I feel like days scrutinizes my work so much and the social implications of being the whole world revolving around the daywalkers.
  3. by   StuartHoulihan
    I've done days and 2 years on nights. Currently M-F, 9-5. That's the best type of shift pattern for me
  4. by   SunnyPupRN
    3-11. I hate 12 hour shifts.
  5. by   purplescrubs15
    I work nights right now. The extra money is nice and I LOVE not having management there, but I'm also a student and end up frequently having to go to class after working 1845-0715 which sucks. It's also hard being on the opposite schedule of my family and all my friends. I'd probably switch to days if I had the option.
  6. by   MMC.RN
    I definitely prefer days or PMs in a pinch. In all honesty I enjoy working two double shifts and a single every week. I HATE nights! Mostly because I usually end up having a seizure and/or a migraine as it screws up my sleep schedule and I can't take my anticonvulsants. Fortunately, I am only forced to work them a couple times a month and someone typically will split the shift or take it for me.
  7. by   Girpat
    Hi yall
    Im a nurse in the province of quebec and personally i prefer night shift with the family life for now its the best
  8. by   tlc365
    Night shift so all the day people are outta my way so I can care for my pt. LOL
  9. by   SirJohnny
    Hi all:

    - I definitely LOVE night shift. Kids that I take care of (private duty via agency) are sleeping, and for the most part, so are the parents. I try to get at least 3 to 4 hours of studying done (DNP/FNP school), at night on an 8 hour shift. I make sure
    the parents are ok with me hitting the books, or I won't take the case. Also. most of the nurses at the three agencies I work at want day shift. What I do hate is getting cancelled, which seems to be happening more and more in private duty agency.
    I guess it's due to the summer, and families wanting to get out and get some one-on-one time with their kids.

    - Sometimes, despite the best intentions, I do start nodding off. I have a bottle of diet soda that I will nurse for a few hours. In addition, I'll walk around and stretch. Worse comes to worse, splash water in my face. For the most part, I am wide awake.

    - I used to work LTC, and will never-ever again work another day shift. Too much to do, too little pay. Much less $$$ in LTC than hospital, yet we run around just as much as the hospital nurse (just not as technical, but just as physically intense).
  10. by   ohsosarah20
    I actually really like night shift, but I don't like working nights because it screws up my body and I become an isolated cranky human. Therefore, I prefer days!
  11. by   wilsonbl5150
    I work LTC and rehab 10P-6A. I love it. Fewer supervisors,dovtors and family members. Shift diff is nice and I get more time with my family, afternoons and evenings. The cons are things usually go bad in the early AM, at the end of the shift and there are fewer co workers to help out.
  12. by   GraduateRN2016
    I'm a new grad and was hired for nights. I've been doing orientation on days and find it diff to wake in the mornings. Hopefully I'll do better on nights
  13. by   showbizrn
    Just give me the night!
    So I can teach, perform, relax
    ---take down the facts!
    Nurse by night
    Actor- Teacher by daylight
    These are my rules
    Don't try to stop me, fools!
    From beginning to end