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With the Spiderman movie coming out next week I thought it would be great to poke fun at Spiderman. Do you have any nursing Spiderman jokes to share? Click Like if you enjoyed it. Please share this with friends and... Read More

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    Quote from Lynx25
    ...he's going to leave webs ALL over the house. D:
    Good one.

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    I haven't had Spiderman, but I've had the incredible Hulk, Houdini (4 point restraints, and somehow got her feet lose and when we went in, she was sitting with her back to the foot of the bed, arms twisted behind her, and trying to "cow kick" the head of the bed lose), assorted "Presidents" and people who had been "chipped" by the CIA, wanted by the CIA, in the CIA, jonesing completely about the CIA, in the "fitness protection program" (all while she's busy trying to eat the fiberfill out of her bra, but ya know, Washington, anything could happen), and at least one that I would swear was demonically possessed. They bring in Spiderman, I'm clocking out and going home!
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    Seems like just trying to assess and chart Spiderman could end up leaving you with getting scheduled for a psych-eval. hahaha
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    LOL! This just made my day.
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    Long ago, we did have a patient called Spiderman. He was the real deal. He had been bitten by brown recluse , delayed seeking treatment, damage eventually to bone.... and he ended up having total hip replacement. He was Spiderman! :-))
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    Lolzzzzzz !!!

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