2nd Nursing Cartoon caption contest - win $100

  1. back by popular demand! our first caption contest was a huge hit, we received hundreds of messages to run another contest, so here it is.

    good afternoon nurses, your misson, should you choose to accept it, involves coming up with a caption to this cartoon. you may submit as many captions as you wish. you have seventy-two hours to achieve your objective. follow the easy rules below. this message will self destruct in....

    after 72 hours we will repost it with the winning caption and credit given to the winning caption and the winner will get $100.

    caption contest rules: to qualify for the prize money and fame, your caption must be posted here in this thread on allnurses.com. we welcome all of our guest to participate as well! it's simple to create an account.

    join allnurses.com! it's free!

    just post a reply below to share your caption idea!

    please note:
    this contest has ended, you can see the winning caption here:
    ask, and you won't receive

    congrats to anonrnc for winning our second caption contest! you won $100!

    to help us determine the winner, be sure and click the "like" button below the caption you like to log your opinion!

    note: only allnurses.com members see this like option when they are logged in. users not logged in do not see the like button.

    this "like" count will not determine the winner, but will help us in making our selection.
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  3. by   BobbiLPN
    Why didn't you use the express elevator? ALL Nurses get automatic entry.
  4. by   jealousNeighbor

    after 6 failed attempts to pass the nclex, jack wasn't going to leave anything to chance.
  5. by   jealousNeighbor

    "c'mon santa, lets get you back to the psych ward"

  6. by   barbyann
    "Let me add to that list .............. Commandment #11, Thou shalt remember hip precautions at all times"
  7. by   Nurse Maloy
    After pulling too many double shifts Nurse Harold lost his mind and joined his patient who thought he was God.
  8. by   NatrLvrnMT
    i really like the one that says, "c'mon santa, lets get you back to the psych ward." i truly did laugh out loud when i read it! i vote for that one!

  9. by   jealousNeighbor

    allnurses.com subscribers seek Zen Master Brian for advice.
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  10. by   JessRNL
    After a crazy night, the nurse sought help from the propofol god.
  11. by   jealousNeighbor

    origin of allnurses.com : "not cutting it as a nurse, brian sought out advice for a career change"
  12. by   qestout
    "C'mon Santa, Lets get you back to the psych ward"

    Wish I could like this more than once!
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  13. by   navyguyhm3
    after all the years of climbing ladders and scaling mountains to reach the top in my nursing career...this is what i look like?
  14. by   psych41
    oh crap I forgot your pills......