2nd Nursing Cartoon caption contest - win $100 - page 9

back by popular demand! our first caption contest was a huge hit, we received hundreds of messages to run another contest, so here it is. good afternoon nurses, your misson, should you choose... Read More

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    Sir, I said cast state, not Castrate!
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    "Vacation request- Denied. Next."
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    [font=impact]"oh great one, i come to you to beg a favor...is there any way to get rid of full moons? it was like a [font=impact][font=impact]zoo [font=impact]last night down there in the ed!! "
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    "Of COURSE you're the Easter Bunny! I just called you Brian by mistake."
  5. 2
    No, I haven't seen you're stethoscope.
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    OK, Nurse Mohammad, you can climb down off the soda machine now...Dr. Mouse left the floor.
    Last edit by NRSKarenRN on Mar 17, '12
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    "Wow, Mr. Jones! You've taken this whole Guided Imagery technique to a whole new level!"
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    finally made it to the top of the seniority list and darn it one more person is here before me looks like they wont be here too long!
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    "you" and we thought we lost you
  10. 0
    " I believe I can fly"

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