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  1. I received a spam e mail from one of those.."work at home and make a million bucks a day" kind of sites..which I summarily disposed of..but it lead me to a web search for legit work at home sites to make a few measly bucks while I job search...the most legit ones, over and over, are medical transcription from home. Does anyone have any feedback on this..has anyone tried it? I am pretty fast and accurate on the keyboard and have a "fairly good grasp" of medical terminology

    Any experience, thoughts, tell me I am crazy??
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  3. by   jmo1231
    Hi Backtowork nice to see you on here. I dont know of anyone in particular that does at home medical transcription but good idea! You have the tools and skills for it so I suppose it would be a great opportunity. Let me know how it goes. How is your job hunting going? I have a job but the state meaning PNAP is dragging their feet on a return to work letter. I hope the job will still be there . I have been waiting for over 2 months
  4. by   backtowork
    Hi JMO good to hear from you. My job search has gotten me no where as of yet..but i keep on keepin on in the meantime. I am so glad to hear that you have found a job..can you tell me what kind of work you will be doing? The silly state monitoring program would have you over a barrel if you were 2 days late with your paperwork..let alone 2 months..geeez

    I am going to do a bit more research on the med transcript jobs..I know it does not meet any of my requirements by the state,but it is a non licensed gig that may bring a few bucks.. Keep us posted on how it goes getting settled in your new job please..Take care and talk again soon nurse::heartbeat
  5. by   jmo1231
    Hi Backtowork, I will be doing nursing at an assisted living facility . Its for a home care agency but I will be in one place. They are ready for me to start and I still havent heard from the Pnap. My case manager said call her after 3 urine screens. I have had 2 so far. This is soooo frustrating. I am goinfg to lose this position.....What kind of nursing positions have you applied for? Did you look at LTC and CaseManagement? Also try a headhunter /recruiter.? Keep in touch!
  6. by   rngaltx
    I agree with backtowork, I think if we are expected to make contact and/or turn things in a timely manner we should expect the same courtesy in return from the monitoring program. I hope they respond soon so you can start working!!
  7. by   backtowork
    Hey rngaltx..actually I am following your lead and applying all over dfw in the Baylor sytem. I applied for 11 different spots tween Irving, All Saints, Southwest and we will see bout that.

    JMO, my next step is to begin applying in person at LTC facilities..I have put in a few apps to the ones owned by big corporations..but no response. I applied at a few dialysis centers and no response. Case Management is not going to work (all tho I have 10 years experience at it) because my stips say I have to do "direct patient care" and the Texas BON does not consider discharge planning as "direct patient care"..go figure..were we not told that discharge planning begin the minute we meet a patient and is a major component in the entire nursing care paln.....oh well..that's out Texas as they say..not as they teach..

    Good to hear from both of you. Ya'all keep the faith.