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Hi, My name is Kristin and I am a recovering addict. To make a long story short, I was caught taking narcotics from a hospital, but wasn't aware that I had been "caught". I eventually quit the job... Read More

  1. by   GLORIAmunchkin72
    This is very unfortunate but the reality is even if you got hired you would be the first one they would look at if any narcs came up missing and you really don't need that. Good luck to you.
  2. by   kmcguirern
    It's the point of the matter.... I have earned my right to practice as a nurse. I have experience in almost every field there is. I graduated top of my class. I deserve the respect that anyone else would get in the same position. My patients love me. I would venture to bet that I am the cleanest nurse working on any given day. I'm not afraid of being accused of any missing narcotics because I'd be innocent and ready to drop urine anytime. What I have is a disease by every definition of the word. I receive treatment my illness just like any diabetic would. They wouldn't refuse to hire a diabetic, but it's OK to refuse to hire me. I'm sick of it! I feel for any nurse that has had to deal with this issue. I am a recovering addict, and I always will be. I'm not going to hide it or keep it a secret. That would be admitting I'm ashamed of myself and I am not! It's what makes me... me. Eventually, someone will give me a job, and the rest will have let a great nurse get away because of their prejudice
  3. by   kmcguirern
    I have considered legal action but I don't have time for all that. Instead, I have decided to further my degree in either Nursing or Psychology, then change the way people with addiction are viewed. These people need educated. There should be mandatory education required for all nurses. You'd be surprised how little most nurses know about addiction. I want to come back as the boss one day and say....Look at me now!
  4. by   kmcguirern
    I am required by the Nursing Board to inform them. True, I could keep quiet for a while and not tell them until I go to the interview, but they will see it when they run my license and A.) I don't want it to look like I'm trying to keep secrets, and B.) I tried that for a while, but it just wasted mine and their time. I still ended up without the job. Now I just tell them right off the bat and throw in my strong positive points to it as well.
  5. by   kmcguirern
    Thank you all so much for your kind words! It really helps to know that at least some fellow nurses out there are supportive. I feel better already!