Texas Board, please help

  1. 0 I am really scared. I was granted a conditional liscense in FEB. 2006 due to some issues when I was 18 years old (i am 26 now).

    To make a long story short my probation period was 24 months, so I quit calling in to my random drug test center on the 2 year anniversary. APPERNETLY some of my forms were mailed back late so my probationary period was extended through July (making it a total of 30 months

    THE PROBLEM: I missed a random drug screen in early May because I was never notified my probationary period would be extended for late quarterly reports submited by my employer.

    Are they going to take my license for a missed drug test? I have a wife who is 6 weeks pregnant and a 7 yo daughter. I made a big mistake by following the 24 month time frame on the paperwork and not clearing it with the case manager.

    I am calling in now, and my case manager said any missed screen "will count against you" when I told her I had not been calling in. I'm not sure she knows I missed it, but I know, and I am scared.

    Anyone ever been in a situation like this with Texas and recieve any positive or negative resolution? I am human and I made a mistake, I have never tested positive for anything with them ever.
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    This is something that can only be decided with the BON as each is discussed on an individual case. As per terms of service we can not offer any advice as it is so hard to predict. Good luck

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