Starting School, Do I disclose my status???

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    Hi all. I'm very glad to see that there is a place for recovering people here. I have a question, please. I have FINALLY been accepted to a 2 year program, and I am filling out the many medical forms that have to be turned in on day one of clinicals. On the med histotry form, the very first question is "Any history of drug and/or alcohol abuse." I am wondering if I have to disclose the fact that I am a recovering alcoholic? I am clean and sober 6 1/2 years.

    I am also new to this site, so hopefully I am doing this right. Hope everyone has a safe and pleasant holiday!

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    Yes, you disclose. When asked about it you tell them you have 6.5 years sober. If you don't and it's found out, you could be kicked out for falsifying your app.
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    I guess I knew that I should, and I will, but I am so afraid of being judged. Do you disclose your status as an alcoholic on any form that asks the question? Are there any exceptions? Could anyone out there share their experience? I think I need a good talk with my Higher Power on staying in the faith and out of the fear.
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    My opinion differs slightly. I think that it depends on several factors. Is your addiction documented anywhere? DUI's Medical records, rehab and the such. If not I really don't think that it is absolutely black and white. 6.5 years clean and sobber and only people truely in recovery would still consider themselves addicts or alcoholics. I mean most people don't understand the disease of addiction and think that by that time you are "cured". It is sooo subjective to say alcoholic or addict and in my opinion those who are not in recovery don't understand.
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    OMG! I am so happy to find a place to share about nursing and recovery!
    I am sober 6 1/2 years, and nursing for one solid year. I have had a couple of "scaries" with the narc', I feel like a kid in a candy store at times, especially when I have a giant syringe full of hydromorphone...whew!!!
    Anyway, I haven't used yet, and I do go to as many meetings as I can.
    In regards to your post, I just got accepted into graduate school (FNP program), and for both undergrad and grad I disclosed my story.
    I hope I can continue to stay honest and sober. I would like to help women like myself who are struggling with addiction. I am crazy myself, so I need all the help I can get.
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    Welcome. Isn't it wonderful to have a forum like this?? I found that I was asking too many humans for their opinion, when what I really needed to do was find the quiet and pray for the answer. I remembered what it was like to live a lie, and have to perpetuate that lie. I believe that I have to be willing to go to any lengths to stay sober, as it says in the BB of AA. Disclose I did! And slept like a baby, too! Thanks for helping, folks, especially TazziRN for your flat out honesty. :wink2: Goozgog, what's your anniversay date? I too am sober by Gods' grace 6 1/2 years. Mine is 1/9/02.
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    My sobriety date is 12/28/2001
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    I disclose, but have dui's etc. I tend to disclose anyway because I don't like to live with the idea I may be "caught". This way it's all out there. My sobriety date is 10 of '98, I graduated recently and scheduled my NCLEX test date today.

    Good luck to you!
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    I just graduated nursing school in December 07. I remember asking my sponsor about that when I filled out the admission paperwork. I did not disclose. Unfortunately, not everyone views alcoholism as a disease, and I did not feel the need to share that with nursing school. I am 6 1/2 years sober as well. I have never been hospitalized for alcoholism and no record of DUI, etc. However, I do go to counseling. I do practice honesty, but in this case, I did not feel that it is any of their business, and I believe the ? on my application was if I was ever "treated" for drug/alcohol addiction. I also would not diclose it on a job application. Just my opinion.
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    I am glad to know someone else shares my opnion about disclosing. unless there is a legal infraction with one's liscense, I do not believe it is necessary to give this information.
    most applictions ask for felony-type convictions or if your lic. has ever been on suspension..etc.
    I am afraid many nurses who have, on their own, recognized their problem have left the profession out of fear.
    I would like to know how other states treat nurses who have problems..
    I somtimes believe mine treats them as criminals rather than sick and needing treatment and care.
    Thanks for letting me repsond.
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