1. Hello i recently signed and submitted my PNAP contract i have unofficially been participating in the program since august of 2010 (random urine screens with first lab), weekly womens group meeting since oct 2010, and AA meetings since december 2010. i read in my contract i need to attend a professionals meeting, unfortuantely i can not find any. i have googled the topic to find some in the philadelphia area but have not been able to locate one. if anyone has any information on the subject could you please pass it onto me!!!

    also as a side note i wanted to work in the ICU on my unit, i currently work in a step down unit and wanted to further my career and knowledge base but have also found out that we in the PNAP program are limited in what areas we are allowed to work in..i was wondering if anyone knows if that limitation is for the full 3years? i have not had a problem with work that is not why i am in the program i had an incident occur when i was out having a few drinks with friends so i was referred to the program in order to maintain my license. any information would be GREATLY appreciate.

    i feel like im going in blind with this program!!!

    thank you
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    Since you are newly into sobriety, it may be in your best interest to stay on your current unit rather than adding the stress of transitioning to a higher acuity ICU position until a few more months have passed.

    AACN's SePA chaper has professional mtgs you can attend:

    Good luck in moving forward