new lpn grad old dui messed up paperwork

  1. im a new lpn grad as of last week, now im stressed got a dui ungraded misdemeanor given ard and 6 months unsupervised probation a few years ago, i have never been arreseted other than this and submitted app to take boards and went to get court documents to send the bon and the city i lie in cant find them they told me this could take weeks, smh im so depressed so i went to the probation officer i had and she said they had no record of me completing my program and paying my fines, so i have been running around for 2 days trying to get this info. this is another hold up and it will take her a while to clear my name with the courts, im so stressed i dont know what to do, im lost any suggestions, i cant test until they get these documents and review them, and who knows when this will be. the court paper they printed me out says awaiting ard completion, which i have already done so i cant send that to the bon, so stressed
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  3. by   MichelleIowaR.N.
    Now you play the waiting game..... Not much else you can do. Hopefully once they DO get all your paper work figured out you won't have any trouble getting licensed. I had a DUI on my record before I graduated with my LPN (and even though I apparently didn't satisfactorily complete my probation) I still didn't have a problem getting licensed. I then went straight into the RN program and unfortunately got ANOTHER DUI (they take the 2nd REAL serious so DO NOT get another) Then I had to wait 2 years to get licensed! So if you have to wait a couple more weeks just try and relax. Just means more study time for the NCLEX!

    P.S. Just realized you posted this like 7 weeks ago... hope they got everything figured out by now
  4. by   steffuturelpn
    Thanks I did get everything resolved passed my boards and got my license unrestricted so I am happy and I learned my lesson I have designated drivers or I catch a cab. God has blessed me and im ready