Need help with return to Work!!

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    Hello everyone,

    I recently graduated from a 90 day recovery program near B'ham, AL and I've been cleared to return to work by my state board. I've been applying like crazy for the last 6 weeks and have had only 2 interviews thus far.

    I have an interview in the morning with an ICU at a major B'ham hospital. I have 13 years experience ( 10+ in ICU, Neuro ICU). Can anyone out there give me some advice about how to handle the interview process?

    My wife is 9 months pregnant and I've been out of work since March. I desperately need to work, so any help would be appreciated!


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    Hey there!
    I take it that since you were just cleared to go back to work, it will be on restricted license. When I was first cleared and started the interview process I waited until the second interview to disclose my situation. At that point they were more understanding of my situation. While going back to work on a restricted license is can be done.
    Good Luck!
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    Thank you for your comments. The interview went great! I got a call from HR an hour later offering me the job! I spoke to the manager and she was very supportive regarding my recovery. I guess I just had to find the right hospital, manager to give me a chance. Hang in there if you are going thru the same situation. Thank you Lord!!
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