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I just started my 6 month period of my license being inactive,got about 4 months to go.I went through out patient treatment,I'm in the random drug screen program,and I attend AA and NA meetings every week.I have not worked since... Read More

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    Keep on applying. I went to 2 interviews a day for a month or more before I finally got a job. Just remember, keep it honest. I didn't bring the subject up to HR. I waited until I was able to speak to the manager. When at the interview, I kept my conversation about recovery, short , posative and to the point. You can't pass on what you don't have. If you are in good recovery and your life has changed, it will show. If you are BS'ing, they will know. I'm suprised your not going to more meeting. Be sure you have a sponsor, (I recomend one that uses the Big Book"), and bring the subjuct up at meetings. That is what the meetings are for. Always, One day at a time.

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    Twenty months!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thirteen+ years for me, but they happened one day at a time. I have so much "less" now, while really having so much more. In June of 1990, I never could have hoped for who I am today. Glad you're here to share your E,S,H!

    Big Hugs from Cincinnati!


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