Making It Back From A Surrender In Tx - page 2

HI, Not sure how to start but that is where I am at "the start". I am getting my paper work together to petition for re-instatment after a drug arrest and federal incarcertion. RN licencse from TX.... Read More

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    I don't know how to send a personal message or how to read one either? I finally recruited help with asking for the letters I need. I even sent 2 off today to former co-workers and charge nurses. The only trouble getting thigs together has been me. I have had a break and I am ready to face the music again. you said to Pm you for more information. sorry i don't know how

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    Hi Pepper and thanks for updating us. When you have posted a few more comments (on this thread or others) you will be able to PM. Anyway, hang in there, and in awhile you will hopefully have some answers from the BON. I'm not from Texas but from what I know, it may take some time. But the important thing is that the bad times are behind you. Take care and please keep us posted! :urck:
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    Pepper until you have more than 15 posts you can only read pm's, you can't send any or reply to any
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    Quote from PEPPER1
    Maybe I did not word things correctly?? I did not intend to ask something I was not suppose to. I really just want to know if there is anyone out there in my shoes that has ever been succesful re-instating with this similar background. I am having trouble getting my paper work together only because I am afraid of rejection. I have worked really hard at restorting my life with family and friends and my personal identity that digging back into this is a little shakey. I would be so encouraged just to know that it has and can be done. That is all I am looking for. Every one wants to know why I haven't persued gettting my liscense back the real reason is I am afraid I will find out I never will and not knowing is better than a no.
    I totally relate. I don't know where to start, after being "out of the game" for 7 years. I may have to re-take boards! It would help alleviate some fear, if anyone has experience related to this. Take care.

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