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HI, Not sure how to start but that is where I am at "the start". I am getting my paper work together to petition for re-instatment after a drug arrest and federal incarcertion. RN licencse from TX.... Read More

  1. by   Morganslake
    Quote from PEPPER1
    Maybe I did not word things correctly?? I did not intend to ask something I was not suppose to. I really just want to know if there is anyone out there in my shoes that has ever been succesful re-instating with this similar background. I am having trouble getting my paper work together only because I am afraid of rejection. I have worked really hard at restorting my life with family and friends and my personal identity that digging back into this is a little shakey. I would be so encouraged just to know that it has and can be done. That is all I am looking for. Every one wants to know why I haven't persued gettting my liscense back the real reason is I am afraid I will find out I never will and not knowing is better than a no.
    I totally relate. I don't know where to start, after being "out of the game" for 7 years. I may have to re-take boards! It would help alleviate some fear, if anyone has experience related to this. Take care.