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KARE participants KY

  1. 0 I am thinking about self reporting to the KARE program. Any participants out there?
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    Quote from freya130
    I am thinking about self reporting to the KARE program. Any participants out there?
    What is KARE?
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    I hear great things about the KARE program. I am from WV and our program sucks. The RN's I know who are advocating for better programs here say that KARE is awesome.
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    Best of luck for your success Freya.
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    I have been in the KARE for nurses program for nearly four years. i have to tell you there is nothing "caring" about it. The KBN is no better than any other BON. They are NOT your friend and will burn you with any chance they get. It is also a 5 year program unlike some other states that only have 3 year programs or less. their monitoring is extremely expensive and be prepared to be tested every week or so at 40 bucks a pop. If I had it to do all over I would have contacted an attorney before signing anything. i recently spoke with an attorney who made a deal for three years for a nurse in the same circumstances as me. Attorneys can negotiate better terms for you. There are a couple of attorneys in Louisville that deal with the KBN. I think that would be the best route.