Just submitted application to TX BON for re-instatement

  1. I found this forum in 2005 +/- a year or so. I came looking for answers, encouragement not sure I knew what I was looking for. I surrendered my liscence in 2002 following my Federal incarceration for drug related charges and at the end of my rope with a terrible meth addiction. This year is my 10 yr clean anniversary! I have been reading through post both old and new and see my self in so many. I have been working in a non-nurisng job for the last 7 yrs. During this time I have re-established my self worth, worked out my sobriety and have experience my life restorted one clean step at a time. I found my strength in none other Jesus without whom I would never have made it this far. I have also found Celebrate Recovery a christ centered support group. Through my envolement with this group I gained the courage to take the step to submit my application for re-instatement. The process of obtaining the letters and support documentation really opened my eyes to the changes for the good my life has taken. I don't know what the out come will be but just this step alone is such a victory in my life. I love nursing with all my heart and have never lost the desire. I just want to encourge others to never give up. No matter what the outcome I am already a winner, My life has been completely restored my nursing liscence is the final peace of the puzzle. I will surely share what ever the out come is. I had a Charge nurse share with me she had hired a nurse with the same background that I have and she never regreted it. one of the best nurses she ever had working for her. Just that ray of hope that it is possible gave me the motivation to see this through.

    Thanks for letting me share
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  3. by   rn/writer
    Congratulations on your sobriety and finding peace. Meth addiction is literally a killer and it doesn't let go easily. You have so much to be proud of.

    Thank you for having both the track record and the humility to share your success. You may be offering just the inspiration someone else needs to make it through today.

    Keep fighting the good fight. I hope your BON can see the victorious person you have become.

    Do let us know what happens.
  4. by   mona1023
    Congratulations on your recovery and thank you for sharing your experience with us. It is wonderful that you acknowledge that you are a success-no matter if you are a nurse or not. So many times we nurses have all of our self worth and self respect wrapped up in our profession. I admire your perseverance and wonderful attitude. Best Wishes to you!
  5. by   lynntxrn
    Just updating, no word from yet from the BON but this just marks the first 4 weeks of waiting. I understand can be several months. I did go ahead and send a letter to the OIG, got it back with a "not yet time" letter and a copy of my original order of suspension. Seems my 10 years with them is not up unilt 10/13 I can apply 120 day prior to that date. I had forgotten it took almost a year for it all fall completely appart. I am still just amazed at God perfect timing in all this. I had already decided to enroll in a re-orintaion course with our colledge and I hope to be able to do that in Jan. 2013. So when that is done and hopefully TX releases me to takle MS (my home now) I will have my little ducks in a row for them to release me also. I have to keep looking for the end still see so much to takle.

    I have no clue what happens after TX and before MS. MS told me to clean up my mess in TX and then contact them. Anyone ever takle this 2 state thing? I did not have a compact liscence. I will I had both of these states are compact states.

    Any way, stay tuned more updates to come.
  6. by   lynntxrn
    Recieved my appt letter from Texas BON Sept. 25TH is my appt. for informal hearing!!
  7. by   TXRN2
    best of luck to you on this leg of your journey!!! keep us posted!
  8. by   lynntxrn
    Update!! I had my board hearing Tuesday I received an order for re-instatement with very heavy stipulations, refresher course, a compentence evalution that I have to provide 3 RN's that are willing to sign off on my basic skills sets, the standard ethic/law course, $500 monitoring fee, the standard 3 yr monitoring, not sure what all else but a mountain to climb. I am very grateful for the chance to get my liscence back after 10 yrs out of nursing, a drug addiction and prison time. I never thought I would get the chance.

    Not sure what to do next. I no longer live in Texas I now live in MS. I have to see if MS will take this order and enforce it or write another order? Texas said MS could do either or send me back to Texas and make me work out the whole order there.

    I know this is going to have to be a God thing, I have trusted him this far he will see me through.

    Has anyone ever takled the 2 state thing?

    There is hope for all and that is what this post is really about.

    Very grateful