job in Austin, TX warning w/stips?

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    I have a warning w/stips for having alcohol in my urine when I came on shift. Another nurse smelled it on me from the night before and reported me. I had to take a urine test and I was, of course, positive for alcohol. I also had hydrocodone in my system that I had a prescription for. At any rate, I have been working as a consultant for the past 3 years as I couldn't get a job nursing when this first happened and I gave up. That was in Houston. Now I'm moving to Austin and want to get back into it. Anyone have any suggestions on where I might get hired? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'd be happy to travel to nearby cities.

    Oh- and my only stipulation is drug tests for a year, no home health, and I must have a supervisor. no narc or hour restrictions.

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    sending you a PM.

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