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Well, after months of searching and being turned down, I think I may have a good chance of being hired at a LTC facility. I really hope and pray this is it. I have been rejected more times in the past 6 months than I care to... Read More

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    w00t! Sending positive vibes your way and to everyone looking for a job!
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    Quote from longhornfan1
    YEAH!!! I am so very excited for you and your potential employment. I am in the exact situation you find yourself in. I started TPAPN in 6/06 after a post-op addiction to Lortab led me to diversion of Morphine and Demerol. I had only been using for 3 months and denied my addiction to my family and myself, but followed every requirement of TPAPN and completed treatment, therapy and anything else they asked of me. Struggled with co-workers daily comments and ridicule and cried nearly everyday. Had to delay my last semester of the RN program until TPAPN said I could restart. I was tormented and judged by my classmated and instructors. Had to complete extra care plans and assignments that the other students were exempt from just to prove myself. Was fired from one job "because of my HISTORY" when a narc came up missing, even though my voluntary UDS was negative. Filed a complaint with the EEOC and after a year of investigation, the company agreed to mediation and I won back my dignity as well as a small $ settlement.
    Then, 4 months shy of completing TPAPN, I had a + UDS, MRO said it was due to something I had eaten, MD, Psychiatrist and LCDC all said it was not a relapse, but I had to restart the 2 year program all over again. And none of my previous work history would count. So, I have struggled for over a year to find a job. I finally applied at the local drug rehab and had an interview on Tuesday. HR said that all the nursing positions required med administration and that would not meet the TPAPN requirements, but she was going to talk to her compliance director and see what she could do. So, I interviewed with her that same day and she was so understanding. She said "Once your on TPAPN, you are treated like a Lepar". She is currently trying to create a position as her assistance that would allow me to inservice employees, monitor infection control, revise and create policy and help them prepare for JCAHO inspection. Then after 6 months, I could go to the floor as a charge nurse and hopefully complete TPAPN in a little over a year!. Thank GOD for those who understand our struggles. Yes, Addiction is a disease, just like hypertension. But there are choices we make before, during and after diagnosis that we are accountable for. Just because I work for a Cardiologist does not make me immune to HTN, but it does give me the tools necessary to help prevent the disease progression. So, I pray for those who have it and those who don't understand it. Judge me not, for you may walk in my shoes someday and I will care for you with the respect you deserve. Good luck ALL.
    Good luck with all of this! I went through the same thing, but am lucky that i have been done with this! You know, be careful, because after 6 months you think they will automatically lift your narc restriction, they may not. They may ask you to work 6 months on the floor, bedside nursing, before they lift it. I've seen it happen. Just thought I would let you know. Specially since this is your second time. I also see them reinstating the restriction after you have been off of it,, if you get a new job,, they will do it for like another 3 months, which is very very inconvenient!
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    Dude how'd it go with the job I hope you got it! Either way still sending positive vibes at you and everyone else looking for a job

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