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  1. I am so nervous. I have an interview tomorrow at a Davita. The first place I worked under TPAPN turn out to be a nightmare and eventually lost medicare funding. In December I actually got a job offer at another psych hospital after being referred by one of the doctors I worked with and was told that TPAPN was not a problem by the director of the intake department during the interview. They tried to get me to start working without doing the return to work conference which I declined. I later got a call from HR stating that the job offer had been rescinded since I was in TPAPN.

    Tomorrow I have this interview and I hear that dialysis is recovery friendly. I guess I am hoping for the the best but expecting the worse. Any advice or encouragement would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   backtowork
    I know exactly how you feel Learninglessons..I was in your spot just a few weeks ago and am now starting my 3rd week on the job. Good for you for not letting the psych job make you cut corners with the program..Just be honest, be confident, and be safe..Please let us know how it goes?
  4. by   iisonu
    Be encouraged my fellow nursemate! I understand that Davita is a recovery friendly place, and you should do well with your interview. As with anything that poses a challenge, take a deep breath, relax, think about your future, and be yourself!

    Grace & peace!
  5. by   learninglessons12
    I went on the interview. I actually did really well and the interview lasted approximately 1 hour. I believe I had all the qualities they were looking for. Of course when I mentioned TPAPN, the interview changed. The interviewer was honest with me and told me it changed where I stood in the applicant pool because she couldn't afford to have a nurse who might have to miss work ect. She asked me a lot of questions about where I was now in my recovery ect. She told me that she would make her decision by the end of the month but I won't be holding my breath.
  6. by   iisonu
    the important thing is that you made it through your interview with confidence! i am proud that you were collected when the tone of the interview changed. that has happened to me countless times, but you know what? if the hiring manager changes his/her minds about hiring you because of your past, you can always stand strong and say, "sorry for your loss!"

    keep breathing and pushing forward with extra effort!!!
  7. by   backtowork
    Great job learninglessons..if nothing else..these interviews serve as practice for the job we were really meant to have..I know you are going to do well..hang in there friend!!
  8. by   learninglessons12
    Hi All,

    I was just wondering how many of you tell the recruiters you are in TPAPN vs. waiting to tell the manager who is interviewing. I have been getting calls from recruiters and It goes really well and they forward my resume. Then I start to feel like I am being a little dishonest. Just wondering what your thoughts are about this.
  9. by   bunni_rn
    I have only told recruiters when they specifically asked me why I left my last job. And EVERY time, I got the standard "thank you for your interest, but" letter. But I also feel dishonest by not disclosing, but I would rather tell someone face to face, so they can meet me. I'm not having the best of luck with the job hunt, obviously. I was even turned down my a SNF, and I have many years of ED experience. Bleh.