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Hi all, I have a question for anyone who knows the answer. I have a good friend who is about to apply for initial licensure in the state of Tennessee and take their test. I can't answer the... Read More

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    Well, to me, the depression thing depends. If it's situational depression (i.e. like a spouse dying and you would expect depression), then I would answer no, you haven't been treated for a mental illness. But, if it was due to nothing situational and it was a chemical imbalance and it was bad enough to impact your life--major depressive disorder, then the answer is yes (in my book, anyway). They are mainly talking about a serious mental illness (major depression, Bipolar, personality disorders, schizophrenia, etc.) that can affect patient care. The BON is there to protect the public.

    As far as addiction tx, I would disclose that because they (employers) can test you for drugs and if someone is addicted, they are probably not going to wake up one day, on their own, and say "well, I guess I am not going to use anymore". If someone tests positive for drugs in the workplace, they can lose their job, be put in the monitoring program, and might even have to go before the board if any sort of investigation happens (and they find out the person had been treated for drugs in the past and they lied.) It can run you into a lot of money--many times you would have to get an attorney as well. It's opening Pandora's Box in lying, in my opinion.

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    Actually, people can and DO wake up one day and decide they don't want to do drugs anymore! That's usually when they seek treatment...which is why it should be irrelevant to what's happening today. I get that the board is meant to protect the public, but in some cases, there is nothing to protect the public from. If you've had a lot of drug related charges and things like that then that's one thing. If your record is spotless and you voluntarily sought help then that is another. Chemical dependence and addiction are two VERY different things, btw. I'm sure as a nurse you know that. Even if they are concerned about someone who is addicted to illegal drugs, it's still shocking that they single out people who WERE dependent (NOT addicted) to prescribed drugs and then punish them because they sought treatment.

    If someone decided they were sick of doing drugs, went to treatment, turned their life around so much that they were able to make it through nursing school...including clinicals and internships...with NO problems...and no trouble with the law EVER then i don't see why they should be put into a monitoring program where they are treated like a criminal. In fact, it's the same program that people who HAVE done something criminal are in. What's even more shocking is that they do the same thing to people with mental illness.

    In this case...he won't be lying because the application doesn't ask about past treatment. Heck, if it did, then I might just suggest moving to another state that doesn't! I'm just shocked that this is legal..that's all. I've never heard of anything like it. Oh well.
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    That's fine, JS. You don't have to be defensive. I understand there is a difference (my dx as far as alcohol was alcohol abuse, not alcoholism--still go to AA. My point is the BON does not differentiate.) If your friend is clean and fine, then he shouldn't put it down. But, I was giving you a heads up on what can happen to your friend. I think this discussion is kind of done. I think you know the answer to the initial question by now.

    It's shocking that they treat mental illness like that, but society also acts like that. When we change the way of thinking as a society, then things will change. I just "accept the things I cannot change". I can't change having a mental illness nor can I change being in HPMP.

    Also, what I was talking about is being addicted, people typically have days where they crave the drug. It's not well I went through tx, I am done. It is a process. So, I think I am done.
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