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I'm in the job hunt,after not working since April. I was "let go" secondary to my "absences",in my last two jobs. I'm now, starting over with a brand new attitude. How do I handle this in interviews? I've had two over the last... Read More

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    What is MDS? Sounds strange that he didn't go over the job duties when he interviewed you, doesn't it?

    Ya know, there's nothing with trying it out and seeing if it's the job for you. If not, at least you have one while you are looking for another.

    Also, didn't you talk pay rates when you interviewed? I made the mistake once of going through the hour in half interview, thinking, "this is great! I can so see myself working here" then finding out the job was half of what I was use to making. BIG MISTAKE!!! The look on my face was like someone just served me poo. The DON was so embarassed. Even she knew the rate was ridiculous.

    Oh well, live and learn.

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    mds is sort of like a.... they help figure out the medicare coding,, to see how long the patient has to stay in the hospital,, and what catagory they can bill medicare depending on how sick the patient is,,,, what resources they need for the patient,, that they can bill.. etc. They work with nurses, doctors, therapist,, etc,, in ltc or LTAC(where I work)

    MDS stands for "minimum data set'... coordinator...

    Something like this.. lol
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    It sounds like a cush job. I mean,, every 6th weekend you're on call?? wow, that's like every month and a half!! and then it's only 'call'.. you may not even have to go in.

    So, where it says your base pay rate,, is it broke down hourly or weekly or monthly? If it is hourly, then you're an hourly payrate.. if it is weekly or monthly, you're more than likely salaried,, but it should state that you are salaried.. that is important to know.
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    Thanks for your thoughts...No....not a cushy job,though !! Respondsible for completing ten page medicare reports detailing all the medical care of pts.,for medicare re-imbursement,submit them to the state ,write,update the careplans. Run care plan meetings. Thats why nurse's notes are so important... What they here about the job,and the reality may not be on the same page. Any other thoughts ?
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    In other words,will every six weeks on call turn in to every 3 weeks...?

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